The Husband Contract by Bella Grace

Brides of Bachelor Bay 2
Story 8.5
Presentation 9
Total 17.5
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Blurb: Even after the arrival of a boatload of brides from the East coast, men in the Washington Territory outnumber women fifty to one. Without the constrictions of proper society and too few women to satisfy their needs, the men on the shores of Bachelor Bay have honed little more than brute strength and lust.

Looking to escape an unsavory fate back home, Olivia and her sisters secured passage to this untamed land. Olivia is under contract to marry, but tempted by debauchery she only dared imagine in Boston, she gives her heart and body completely to two men.
She would rather lose both Jack and Aaron than be forced to choose between them. Will her final decision cost her both of the men she loves, or is there a loophole in the husband contract?

Review: This was a fantastic story. It was so easy to love Olivia and relate to her struggles, both internal and external. She has all the best qualities in a person. She thinks of others before herself, is sweet, yet she is no doormat. When pushed, she has a fiery attitude, and as the pages turned, I only liked her more. Now for our hottie heroes. Jack and Aaron have that quiet strength, the silent but could be deadly quality that made my toes curl and my heart pound. Add in some blistering hot sex (which at times I swear Jack and Aaron are charming her out of her clothes, and others where I thought she would tear her men out of theirs.) and you have all you need for a great story. But wait, you get more. You get an entertaining plot! Add in a villainous uncle, an inheritance worth killing for and a cliff hanger ending guaranteed to keep you on the edge to your seat with your ereader glued to your hand. This is a great story, a story you can’t put down.

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