Boss With Benefits by Lelani Black

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 17
Publisher: Audio Lark
Contemporary Erotic
To Purchase

Blurb: Hot Honolulu bachelor Jack Sloane has finally fallen in love. Problem is, he can’t find his woman–a mysterious beauty who showed up after-hours at his Waikiki office and spent one erotic night with him he'll never forget. How such a sexy beauty could be his frumpy secretary's sister is a mystery. He has to see her again and convince her he's worth more than a one night stand.
Keely St. John has no intention of helping her gorgeous boss locate his fantasy girl. How can she without exposing her secret? It’s bad enough she’s spent the last three months fantasizing about him while carefully maintaining her drab image. Now her one lusty night with the island tycoon could cost more than just her job and a Boss with Benefits.

Review: Now, I had already read this story in e-book but when I saw it come across my email in audio form I knew I had to check it out. The story was still cute and the sex was still smokin'. I thought that the narrorator did a good gob expressing emotion and characters.

No doubt that Ms Black has written a steamy tale but I must give props to Audio Lark for their quality of audio book. I find that I really enjoy the vast majority of the product that they put out and have to say that when I am in the market for an audio of my favorite titles you can bet that I will be going to them :)

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