Wrong Number, Right Man by Darah Lace

Story 9
Presentation 8
Total 17
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Erotic Romance

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After too much wine, Lori Duncan calls her ex and initiates phone sex to prove him wrong--she's not boring and predictable. Jack Hartwell answers his roommate's phone and goes along with his sexy next door neighbor's game until he realizes her fantasy includes him and not his roommate. Was her slip of tongue intentional or just part of the game?

Review: Naughty, flirty, teasing, erotic fun.

The story begins with, “Are you alone?”

And then the fun begin. The story is a slippery slide into taking chances and letting your true wants drive your actions. How playing teasing games can reveal intimate truths. This short story is a fast read. It’s deliciously naughty and yet emotionally driven. If you’ve ever wanted to pretend you were someone you weren’t or reveal your true feelings and yet remain anonymous, you’ll relate to Lori and Jack. It’s a feel good read that shows why Ms. Lace is a titillating voice in erotic romance.

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Darah Lace said...

Squee! Thanks for the review. Jack is one of my favorite heroes.

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