Love Me Tender by Heather Boyd

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Noble Publishing
Historical Erotic
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Blurb:  Tristan Greene, Viscount Ramsbury, might be a rake-on-the-run from a husband-hunting debutant, but he also has seduction firmly in mind when he begs protection from Winifred Moore. The elusive widow's surrender to desire is sweet, but she resists his suggestions to continue their affair. Challenged by her refusal, Tristan sets out to capture the widow's eager passion for his own and make her his country mistress.

When fate—and the wicked Lord Ramsbury—hands newly widowed Winifred Moore the chance to find out if a rake's reputation could be worth all the fuss, she grabs the opportunity with great enthusiasm. But while the pleasures of the night might have been more than she expected, Winifred is conscious that any scandal would crush her father's reputation. Although she turns down the offer to become his mistress, Winifred cannot ignore the passion between them.

Review: The amusing opening transitions into an enjoyable steamy scene, and Winifred’s decision to resist Tristan’s future advances is believable given the distance in their social stations. However, the introduction of Winifred’s attendance at past events hosted by Tristan’s mother introduces discord. I read on trying to determine if the author was ignorant of the social customs of the time, or if there was some other explanation. As it turns out, there is indeed a quite plausible reason, and while I understand how the revelation adds to the climax, I still feel some sort of other plausible explanation needed to be worked in earlier. Barring the previous, Tristan is an engaging character and the story is well-written with moments of tenderness and humor.

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