Love Revisited - Nick & Tetsuji from BCII - Such a Good Boy by Barbara Sheridan

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Noble Romance
M/M Erotic Romance
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Blurb: Tetsuji Nabeshima is every bit his father's son in terms of attractiveness and determination. Set to graduate at the top of his law school class, qualifying early for--and passing--the New York bar exam, the Japanese transplant's career star is on the rise.

Yet one thing holds him back, the mad crush he's developed for his mentor and boss, Nick Denison, his father's best friend.

Review: There are many positive things to say about this story. The motivation behind the characters is fully explored. Without reading the Beautiful C*cksucker Series, you’ll still be able to enjoy this story. The gap in ages didn’t bother me. I think because the characters relate so well. I’d forget that Nick was so much older and Tetsuji has a maturity about him that makes him seem older. The story doesn’t have any winding turns or surprises. It’s simply about “wanting”, but afraid of what “getting” would mean. I love the questions I was left with? They work together and how will that change now they are involved. The book leaves us with a promise of more and with the strength of the characters, I’m sure they’ll be able to live happily ever after.

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