The Cougar Meets Her Master by KyAnn Waters

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 7.5
Total: 16
Publisher: Audio Lark
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Taylor Davis is turning 40. Her high powered job leaves little room for romance outside of her high powered vibrator that sleeps under her pillow. No pillow talk allowed. And no complaints from her. The rabbit never quits before she's done, doesn't complicate her calendar, and Taylor doesn't have to concoct excuses to make it go home when she's through.

Enter Colt Foster. Has the bitch of the Beau Monde Hotel and Casino met her match? The hot, young detective has his own rules...and expects Taylor to play by them. Can she say no when Colt slaps on the cuffs? Does she want to?
Review: The story was sexy, witty and hot! Yet another sample of Ms Waters ability to sexify a rocking story and create a totally knockout tale. Aside from the fact that I think this audio book would have been better with a “younger” sounding reader, I think it was done well. There is just something not so sexy about listening to a grandmotherly sounding woman talking about screwing a hot younger man that just…..well….eh. I kept having to remind myself that the heroine was only 40 and not in her 60’s.

Overall I really loved the story. Another sexy tale by Ms Waters. I can’t wait to read another from this author.

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