Captivations: Sins of the Past by Julie Lynn Hayes

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Wicked Nights
Paranormal erotic
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Blurb: Things are heating up at Captivations. First Serena catches Avery kissing Jillian in his office, in the dark. Then the handsome vampire tells Serena he can’t play with her, he has things to do. Do those things include taking Jillian outside of the nightclub? Where are they going and what are Avery Deacon’s intentions?

Review: Ok, so this is book 4 in this little series. The first 3 I read back to back so there has been some time passage since I read the last ones. Don’t get me wrong, as a whole I think that this collection is totally rocking…but spaced this far apart? Not so much.

I still like the story and you can rest assured that I will be reading the rest that come because I just HAVE to know what happens. I just wish that they were being released a bit closer together. I recall what the other stories contained but if I wasn’t in the review business, I am not sure that I would have remembered to go out and look for the next installment.

Don’t let my frumpy-ness get you to thinking that you don’t want to waste your time with this set…Definitely not a waste of time, just be prepared to have a bit of a wait until the next section is released 

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