The Look of Love by Rosemary Indra

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 19
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: Scott Denton always thinks of Penny Herrington as his best friend, a co-worker in the Forest Ridge Fire Department. She tricks him into helping her with the decorations for the Sweetheart Banquet. During their discussion about love and romance, Scott starts to notice Penny as a desirable woman.

When Penny hurts her ankle, Scott feels responsible and decides to move in with her. Spending time together, they share intimate discussions about love and marriage. Penny, a widow, feels guilty when her relationship with Scott becomes romantic. Devastated after a nasty divorce, Scott no longer believes in love and vows he’ll never remarry. He denies his feelings for Penny until he realizes only she can comfort him after he assist the fire department at a tragic car accident.

Review: Scott and Penny are both members of a fire department and most of the story involved their related activities. Scott is a survivor of a tumultuous divorce and Penny is recovering from the death of her husband. If readers have ever dealt with either of these situations, they will feel the pain and emotions that these two have to overcome in the development of their own love. Ms. Indra describes their feelings with such description that I could believe I was sharing them. I feel like I really know Scott and Penny

Even the relationships of secondary characters, like Scott's dad and his lady, were dealt with in such detail, that they were more than just people to add more detail to the main story. Their lives and families added much more interest to the main plot.

I really liked this story. Part of it made me stop and think about different aspects of life.

Read and enjoy this one. Overall, this story gave me happy thoughts about life and love. It gave me many things to think about.

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