Convenient Coincidence by Renee Spencer

Story: 4
Presentation: 9
Total: 13
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sensual Historical Suspense
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Blurb: Lady Rosalind Parkhurst's passions lie more with her art than the glamour of society. When famed wax maker, Madame Tussaud, invites her to construct a model of the Prime Minister, Pitt the Younger, she relishes the prestigious opportunity. But her work hits a snag when she falls ill. Fortunately, she meets a handsome and infuriating physician who vows to help her.

Morgan de Gray, 8th Marquess of Esenden is physician-extraordinaire to King George. When the Prime Minister dies unexpectedly, His Majesty declares it murder and demands an autopsy. But his remains disappear. As Morgan begins his hunt for the body, Lady Parkhurst literally falls into his arms, and he discovers she is exhibiting the same curious symptoms as King George.

The stakes intensify as political enemies close in and Rosalind’s illness worsens. Keeping his promise to King George may end up costing Morgan more than his hard-earned job. He may lose Rosalind forever.

Review: The opening pages grabbed my attention with a male sneaking into the manor kitchen to put a white powder into a pot on the stove. And this mysterious figure shows up periodically during the story.

The plot is crammed full of mysterious figures and happenings. There are family rivalries between sister and brother, and between father and son. A main character and major political figures are being poisoned. Bodies disappear and reappear, only to disappear again. There are murders and government intrigues to keep the reader involved.

Personally, I did not enjoy this one. I had to go back and reread too many times to be able to understand what the writer's intent was. I had trouble keeping up with the plot because it seemed like parts were omitted. The historical figures were not in character with what I expected. I just could not "get into" the characters because I did not find them believable as people of this historical time.

I would recommend that you read this for yourself. You might really enjoy; as we all know "one person's cup of tea is not another's."

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