Rock My World by Lex Valentine

Story: 4
Presentation: 7
Total: 11
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Erotic contemporary
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Blurb: Rock star Gia Santora is at the height of her career when a frightening brush with a psychotic stalker changes her life. Three years later, she’s ready for more than a string of one-night stands on the road, but finding a date isn’t easy for a woman with a bodyguard. When she meets her sexy young opening act, he pushes all her buttons, sexually and emotionally.

Sin Carstens is rock’s hottest new guitar god with a body and a voice to match his name. He takes Gia on a wild sexual ride that has them literally rockin’ the tour bus. But Sin’s got priorities other than music and sex. He wants a relationship with the commitment-shy Gia. When the stalker gets loose and their lives are on the line, Gia pushes Sin away. But Sin’s willing to fight Gia’s fears in an effort to win himself the sexiest woman he’s ever known, and prove that he can rock her world.

Review: Sadly, this story is a mess. From underdeveloped characters, to a non-existent plot, to badly written storytelling. When I saw this story on the coming soon page at Ellora’s Cave, and then when I read the excerpt, I couldn’t wait to get the hot little book into my reader. I know what I’m going to get with EC books. Lots of scorching hot sex and a good story to go along with it. And I have read other work by Ms. Valentine so I had high hopes that this story would be great.

What happened?

Huge blocks of sex become monotonous because there really isn’t much variation in execution. Chunks of telling me what was going on in the story rather than letting me experience the scene with the character. The whole plot is weak. For nearly the entire story, it’s one sex scene to the next. Any contribution to the underlying story or in the development of the characters is so miniscule there isn’t much reason to mention it. In the last few pages of the story, we’re reminded that there is a stalker out there. A few paragraphs later, climax over—(for me literally because at this point I knew this review wasn’t going to be pretty.) Any resolution to the story is in a passing mention. So if you like lots of sex with no connection to the characters (Insert peg A into slot B) and very little substance to plot, characters, action and dialog, then this book is readable. If you want to be drawn in, feel every tingly breath of a sexual journey, then this one isn’t for you.

To be fair to Ms. Valentine. this book, for me, failed to deliver an entertaining read. But I have read other work by this author and she is a talented writer. So my recommendation would be to pick up something else written by her.

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