Prelude to Scandal by Delilah Marvelle

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Harlequin
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Blurb: Lady Justine is willing to trade her good name, her reputation and her place in London's gossip-hungry ton to secure her father's release from prison. But when the notorious Duke of Bradford counters her offer with a proposal of marriage, the stakes grow higher still. For while the smoldering lord is famous for his conquests, the man is oblivious to both her devotion and her charms. And Justine is soon afraid she has wagered all for naught….

Review: Holy CRAP!!! I am a super big sucker for novels that are just filled to the brim with emotion I can feel. Oh damn this story rocked!!! While maybe…ok, totally, not traditional mainstream regency historical, that was one of the things that I really liked about it.

Ms Marvelle has captured emotion, desperation, self-loathing and love and wrapped it up in one fantastically ass kicking ride that I have to say will be sticking with me for a long time to come. My only sorrow is that it ended. But like all great stories, I take comfort in the fact that it will remain and I can re-visit anytime I desire…which will be very soon :)

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