Nice 'n Naughty by RJ Fury

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Noble Romance
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: It's Christmas Eve, and Grady Hobart is feeling anything but "nice." Not only is he working the graveyard shift at the Traffic Town Truck Stop, but he hasn't had a customer in over two hours! All that changes when a comely stripper from the Booty Barn strolls in, still in costume as Mrs. Nasty Claus, complete with a black lace thong, matching bra, sheer red cape and six-inch Lucite heels!

Unfortunately, Cherry isn't there to tempt Grady with her feminine wiles; only to buy her nightly stash of lottery tickets, one more sucker hoping to strike it right with a little bit of luck—and a heaping dose of Santa's good will.

Shortly after Cherry leaves, Grady clocks out and wishes his replacement a "Merry Christmas," only to find Cherry still sitting in her van in the parking lot. Shrugging and zipping up his hoodie for the long walk home, he's surprised when Cherry pulls up to offer him a lift.

He's even more surprised when, instead of driving him home, Cherry whips around to the back of the Traffic Town and parks. Maybe Christmas won't end on such a downer, after all.

Review: I have to say that I am kinda digging this little series :) This is the second that I have read and while I typically don't care for first person present tense stories, it works with these.

I enjoyed the little twist in this story. Really gave it a nice little snap near the end. Now I know that you are going to look at the length of the blurb vs the length of the review and say WTH? But really, the blurb pretty well summarizes the story and anything else that I COULD tell you would basically just give away the story. Hot sex packed into a few pages. Just what I needed :)

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