Let by Cherie Denis

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Siren
Pre-Historic Erotic
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Blurb: Clan rules make it clear that Cia and Let may not mate until Let is eighteen. The lovers are anxious to couple and spend any chance they get making love without penetration. If the elders find Cia has mated with Let before he is of age, she will not be allowed to take him as a mate nor will she be allowed to have her own clan.

The waiting has become impossible, and Let takes matters into his own hands. They will mate fully--the elders be damned. Will the lovers get caught in a compromising situation?

Will Let be the lover Cia has dreamed about? Will he be angry because he is untried and Cia has been having sex with other men in order to be a perfect mate?

What will Cia have to do to prove her strength in order to lead her own clan?
Review: Interesting. This is the first Pre-Historic romance, erotic or otherwise, that I have read. I expected something akin to Clan of the Cave bear and got one just about those lines.

Crude tools and living environments. New words. A totally different life than what we know or can imagine. The author really did a wonderful job in the telling of this tale. I was pleasantly surprised. with the entire process :)  The author really did a wonderful job pulling me back in time, making it sexy and arousing, and giving a good story.

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