I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Blurb: He needs to change his luck, and fast!

Matt Ewing would gladly hunt down a fortune in lucky pennies if he thought it would help save his business. But for all his hoping, Matt’s clueless when his long-awaited lucky charm falls in his lap in the form of a beguiling genie. He just can’t believe that this beautiful woman could be the answer to his prayers...

She’s been bottled up for far too long!

Spending 2,000 years in a bottle would make any woman a little stir-crazy. So when Matt releases Eden from her luxurious captivity, she’s thrilled to repay him by giving him the magical boost he needs...

But for all her good intentions, Eden’s magical prowess is a little rusty and her magical mistakes become more than embarrassing. And though Eden knows falling in love will end her magic and immortality, she can’t help but be drawn to the one man who wants her just for herself...
Review: I have just finished reading the final page of this book and have to say that it was way cute :) Full of vivid imagination and totally good scenes. Laugh out loud parts and some really invintive situations and locations.

While the vast majority of the story takes place in just a few days and this couple voices their love in that time, I bought it. The went through some pretty amazing things together and their emotions just bloomed. Totally worked and I really dug it. While there was some confusion for me about exactly how long she was actually a prisinor in her bottle (the # of years changed a couple times) it wasn't a  big deal and didn't detract from the wild ride and fulfillung ending for these two :)

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