An Officer and His Gentleman by Ryan Field

Story: 5
Presentation: 7
Total: 12
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Contemporary erotic m/m
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Blurb: Chance Martin, who dreams of becoming a chef on the Food Network, works at a grocery store for a quirky old man who gives him free room and board as long as he walks around naked when the store is closed. But Chance is only interested in cooking, until an attractive stranger walks into the market one morning.

Brody Johnston, bad boy naval officer on extended leave from his post in Europe, can't take his eyes off innocent Chance's round buttocks and smooth legs, and is determined to get to know him better.

So when the old man goes to bed, Chance sneaks out to meet Brody and discovers his talents in the bedroom rival his talents in the kitchen. Though they are complete opposites, Chance is ready to submit to all of Brody's sexual kinks and desires, but it never occurs to him they might actually fall in love with each other.

As Chance fights to live his dream as a chef, and Brody wrestles with the opportunities and limitations imposed by the military, will they be able to find happiness in each other's arms?

Review: An Officer and His Gentleman is one of those stories that I find hard to review. There were parts that I was swept away and loved every sizzling word. But the parts I hated, I wanted to put the book down. But I kept reading because I wanted to know what happened between Chance and Brody. Both characters have issues and redeeming qualities and that makes them interesting to know. There are light hearted situations (and some rather hilarious moments with squirrels) but there are also situations that made me uncomfortable. I didn’t like Chances living situation and at times it was over the top and became a bit ridiculous. But I loved how he had dreams of being more than a worker behind a deli counter.

Brody could be perfectly charming…lol…except when he wasn’t. but that wasn’t often and I liked him. I thought his shoe fetish was fun if not a bit over the top. The sex was hot if not a bit one sided. I wanted Brody to more than screw Chance, I wanted him to love on him and I felt he took more than he gave. But Chance was just the right character for him because Chance is a giver. Altogether, I enjoyed parts of the story. There were scenes that I could do without and Chance is degraded throughout most of the book. For a romance, this wasn’t passionate. For an erotic romp with some fun moments, this has some appeal. Truly these characters weren’t very likeable, but yet I wanted to keep reading. I think the cover is fabulous. Personally I don’t care if a book has typos and some editing issues. I can read past them and enjoy the story. But for the sake of this review, I did want to make mention for those readers who are grammar police.

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