Melting Frost by Kelly Daniels

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
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Blurb: Bitter and lonely, Jack Frost wishes for a special holiday - one filled with family and friends, but it was impossible. His usual solitary travels leave him wandering from window to window, watching happy folks celebrate the holiday season, which only hardens his resolve, until he spots a car slide off the road into a ditch.

He goes to inspect the damage—only to find a miracle.
Rory sees him while no one else can and her warmth immediately starts to melt the ice within him. As she grants him his wish, he realizes he is keeping her from her own true Christmas. Can he let her go or would he be willing to give up his old life…forever?

Review: This was a really sweet holiday story. Aside from the fact that Rory seems not to be too bothered by sudenly appearing in front of her parents house, I have to say that it was really cute. I enjoy a nice short, cute read even if sometimes there are things that just don't seem to jive. This was one that even with the little things, it read very smooth and flowed good.

Very nice :)

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