Lonesome Bride by Giulietta Jones

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Blurb: Dex Hardenborough has no choice but to consider Ethan Ransome’s offer to acquire her ailing stepfather's company. The lucrative Ransome deal would protect the jobs of faithful Hardenborough employees and spare Nicholas Hardenborough from criminal charges.

The deal includes a bothersome stipulation, however. Before he'll part with his precious pennies, the ice-eyed Ransome insists on marriage. To her. Taking advantage of the unexpected proposal from a total stranger whose motives are suspiciously slick, Dex agrees to become Mrs. Ethan Ransome. Determined not to dwell on the prospect of sharing her future--and his bed--with the tall, humorless tycoon. Or deal with those conflicting, primitive urges whenever he touches her, like wanting to nestle against him while she pummels his wide chest with a claw hammer. No. Best just to grit her teeth and present herself for matrimony at the appointed hour. Because she'll need every ounce of resolve to spring the next falsehood on him. The really big one.

Review: While not exactly what I expected it was a pretty good read :) There were parts where both the hero and heroine were deceitful but with a story like this one it is to be expected.

The addition of some really wonderful secondary characters like the butler turned friend and the special needs sister really gave this emotional tale an added layer of realism that so many others lack. Ms Jones did a wonderful job in the telling and weaving of this tale of desperation. 

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