The Christmas Fantasy by KT Grant

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: On a mission to lose her virginity before her thirtieth birthday on Christmas Day, Mandy Lockeheart plans to seduce the only man she’s ever loved; her brother’s best friend, firefighter Jackson Montgomery. With the sexy new body she’s worked hard to earn, she’s certain she can convince him to fulfill her fantasies.

When Mandy comes to him with her sexy proposal, Jackson can’t refuse her adorable seduction. Unfortunately, Mandy’s brother doesn’t want anyone playing around with his baby sister. Jackson must choose between respecting his friend’s wishes and making love to his perfect Christmas present.

Between Mandy’s occasionally poor body image and Jackson’s honor, the lovers must fight to realize their Christmas Fantasy.

Review: This was a very nice holiday story. While my brow quirked at her virginity at her age, the author was able to make it believable. Everything that I needed to buy this story was there along with a healthy dose of HOT and SEXY!!!!

Emotional, sweet, titillating and gut-wrenching all rolled into one wonderful story. I am really impressed.

**SNAPS** KT, I look forward to reading more from you in the future :)

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