Catcalling Catherine by Cheryl Dragon

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotic Menage
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Blurb: Call it a compliment. Call it offensive. The whistles and shouts of hot, young construction workers have become Catherine’s latest sexual obsession. To protect her professional reputation, Catherine uses a service to fulfill her blue-collar fantasy and the two men hired for the job, complete with hard hats and hard-ons, do it just right. Problem solved—or so she thought.

One fantasy isn’t enough for Tony. Catherine failed to recognize him as part of the crew who remodeled her office. After the best sex of his life, he wants more—their combined fantasies with no services, no secrets. Anywhere, anytime and anything she wants, if she can handle a little reality in her fantasy life.

Review: Very Nice! :) Rockin' hot and totally sexy!  Titilating, with lots of hot men and encounters with more than a few, this read is a total fire stoker if you are looking to amp up the heat.

As far as the Exotica line goes, I thought this one was very well done. Ms Dragon did a great job and while there are several sexual partners, it is done in a manner that isn't trashy or over the top slutty :)


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