Onikoroshi by Eon de Beaumont and Augusta Li

Story: 6
Presentation: 9
Total: 15
Publisher: Phaze Books
Urban fantasy M/M Yaoi zombies eroitc romance
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Blurb: In the sequel to Tree Fingers, scholar-magician Alan has planned a romantic trip to a Japanese hot spring to celebrate one year with his partner, Graham. They arrive in the rural village of Inaba in time to witness the Bon-Matsuri: the lantern festival to welcome back the spirits of the ancestors

Graham quickly realizes something isn't right in the little town, and that Alan may have had ulterior motives for visiting the area. Frustrated that Alan's curiosity about the supernatural has put them in danger again, Graham must decide whether to return to safety or stay face the creatures threatening the village.

Review: I’m going to start with the issues I had with the story because I want to finish my review the way I finished the story, with a bang. The story is slow to start. I felt like I was reading a book that had no direction. And by the time the story picked up, I wouldn’t have missed anything if I had skipped the first third of the book. The love story in the beginning was sex just thrown in for sex, I wasn’t connected to this story at all. However, these authors do have a brilliant way with words. They create beautiful imagery. I wanted to enjoy what I was reading because it was well written, but sadly I didn’t….until more than half way through the book. If the beginning was half as entertaining and exciting as the end, this story would have rocked all the way around. Because of how good the scenes at the end were played out, I’m ready to try another story from Eon de Beaumont and Augusta Li. There is plenty of room at the end of this story for more from Graham and Alan. Although this is a sequel to Tree Fingers, Onikoroshi can be read and enjoyed without reading the first in the series. And enjoy it, you will, once you get through the slow beginning.

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