A Ghoul Like You by JL Merrow

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Noble Romance
m/m Paranormal
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Blurb: Niall's just a ghoul looking for a quiet life. Instead, he meets Jamie, a kid on a vampire-killing spree. And nothing says, "I love you," like a stake through the heart . . . .

A visceral story of love (or something like it) among the undead.

Review: Fantastic storytelling. Paranormal romance at it’s best. And oh yeah, some hot sex between…er…not exactly men. Well, one angst driven young man, hell bent on revenge even at the risk of his own…neck. Niall is scrumptious as far as ghouls go. His roll with it attitude adds just the right flavor to this short story. I loved it. There’s humor, action, and bad things lurking in the shadows. An all together arousing romp with a lot of darker disturbing paranormal to balance it out.

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