Devil's Desire by Laurie Mc Bain

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: SourceBooks
Historical Romance
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Blurb: Women mean but one thing to Lord Alex Trevegne, whose jet black hair, golden gypsy eyes, and arrogant ways have earned him the name "Devil," until circumstances-and passion-conspire to bind him to the beautiful Elysia. Fleeing the brutality of an aging and spiteful aunt, Elysia encounters Alex at an inn. When the two are discovered in a compromising situation by a guest with a grudge against the "Devil," they are forced to marry. Alex is determined to leave his bride and their marriage of "inconvenience" behind at his isolated estate in Cornwall but soon discovers the innocent Elysia awakens emotions he believed himself incapable of feeling.

Review:  At 389 pages this is no small task or afternoon read. The blurb grabbed me and made me crave this story. After cracking the cover I began to read. And read....and read. Though the story, for me, started off slow, after about page 60 it really started picking up speed. And let me tell you that once the story got really got moving :)

I felt, tasted and smelled. My heart wrenched, my gut turned and my mind reeled. And I loved every second of it. I got so involved in the story at one point I told hubby to go away and leave me alone so I could read :) There is no doubt that I would read this story again and had it not been for the slightly slow paced begining, I would have read the book straight through in one sitting :)

Wonderful story that just jumped off the pages with characters so likeable....even when they weren't...that I was almost sad to see it end.

SNAPS Ms McBain on a truely wonderful job :)

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