Truth of Fire by Abby Wood

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Breathless Press
Hot Paranormal
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Blurb: One week before All Hallows Eve, the Jacobson sisters cast a circle and ask the Goddesses to bless them each with a man who will love them forever. Shy and often doubtful, Carly wants to find love but wonders how she'll do that when she can't even talk to a good-looking man, much less look him in the eyes.

The morning after performing the spell, the mysterious owner of the floral shop where Carly works shows up and attempts to sweep her off her feet. Not understanding her out-of-control attraction to him and scared the Goddesses have made a huge mistake, she runs out of the shop and away from Max.

With the help of her sisters, Carly performs a truth ceremony. Will she trust what she views in the fire, or lose the one man the Goddesses have chosen for her?

Review: Short, spicy and totally cool. I enjoy a good “love at first sight” story when it’s done well….and this one was.

Spells and the elements have always fascinated me. The beauty of the way this story was written is in the fact that it was not over done of so farfetched it became hard to believe. Well done Ms Wood :)

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