Slow Burn by J.R. Patrick

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
M/M Erotic contemporary
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Blurb: Zach is too hot for words but Marc has no intention of falling for his sexy coworker—no matter how many of Marc’s explicit dreams Zach stars in. With only a few months left of his stay in Germany, Marc doesn’t dare risk his heart with the beautiful man. But a train ride gone wrong changes everything when Zach comes to his rescue, melting Marc’s resistance in the process.

Zach’s patience has paid off. But now that the reserved scientist has turned up the heat from simmer to sizzle, four months won’t cut it. No. Zach wants forever. Will their chemistry be enough?

Review: Great opening, great characters, and a great story. The opening scene sets the tone of the story. It’s fast and edgy. The pages scrolled by without a misstep. The characters are hot, the sex is hot and the problems in their relationship are believable. The plot wasn’t overplayed. Boy likes boy but long term logistics will be a problem. Marc’s stay in Germany is temporary and he doesn’t want to become emotionally invested. Slow Burn has just enough tension both in their sexual relationship and the building of something more than just a short term connection. Both Zach and Marc become real because of the author’s brilliant grasp of dialog and interaction. Slow Burn was enjoyable to read because it just flowed so well. The sex was smoking. For a super short story, Slow Burn isn’t lacking anything. A great story to add to your reading list.

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