Saving Emily by Becky Wilde

Story: 6.5
Presentation: 6
Total: 12.5
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Ménage
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Blurb: Emily is being abused by her brother, Chris Kincaid. Living and working on the McCade Ranch, she is rescued by the two gorgeous owners, Cole and Adam. Taking her into their home they refuse to let her leave.

Emily has heard rumors that the brothers like to share their women. She finds out first hand when they share her in the bedroom.

The two Alpha males, plan to keep Emily by their side permanently, until she is abducted by a ranch hand her brother owes money to. Will they rescue her in time?

Will she choose to marry one over the other? Or will they all get what they want?

Review: This story is a prime example of a tale that had great promise but just didn’t quite deliver. I think the author had a great vision, a well thought out idea, and detailed characters. Each aspect was given time and detail, but in the end I think this story could have benefited with a bit more time.

There were several times when details changed and on occasion the writing seemed to be a bit “new”. Ms Wilde is definitely an author that I will be looking for in the future as I have a feeling that with a little time she will really shine.

The editing in the book was below par. There were way too many easy errors that should have been addressed by a good editor that were not. I was a bit disappointed in the quality of the presentation.

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