Mutton Hollow Road by AJ Hardcourt

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Demanding Romance
Paranormal Erotic m/m
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Blurb: Jack is lost. Halloween night, in the middle of nowhere, he finds himself at the mercy of the mysterious William. Literally. Dressed in leather and ready to play, Jack submits to William. The BDSM encounter is hot, but William is interested in more than a play. William's pleasure comes with bite.

Review: A faster commitment between two people I am not sure I have ever seen, buy AJ made it work and made me buy it.

This quick Halloween read was full of D/s sex, a hot man and a sexy vampire who knows what he wants. Bondage wear that literally jumped off the page with detail, sex that curled my toes and an ending that made me chuckle… What’s not to love?


KyAnn said...

great review AJ

Anonymous said...

I love bdsm games too.

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