Love in the Afternoon by Diana Hunter

Story 4.5
Presentation 8
Total: 12.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
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Blurb: Naked. Alone. She sits on the floor in quiet meditation, awaiting her lover. He will tie her, dominate her, caress her skin with the stinging thongs of his flogger. She struggles to settle the anticipation that builds with each passing moment. To master the smile that belies her calm façade.

In another room, he prepares the tools of her pleasure. Their pleasure. Though they have done this before, it is new every time. The bindings will chafe her delicate skin. The lash will mark and burn her luscious ass. He will tightly wrap her body in rope, spread her wide and play with her as she hangs helplessly within his control.

Bondage. Passion. And a love that binds more tightly than the strongest cord.

Review: The BDSM aspects of this story are phenomenal. The author gave me a new look into the D/s relationship and also the pain play from bondage and punishment. On those aspects this story is brilliant. However, when it comes to the characters, the plot, the action between these two characters, the story fell apart for me. Perhaps some will find stories with little to no dialog, deeply introspective. I found it a bit boring.

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