Her Laird, Her Lover by Sable Grey

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Breathless Press
Erotic Historical
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Blurb: Scottish border lord Robert Shelley doesn't believe that the blind woman has the gift of knowing, and quickly learns that his suspicions are correct, but what he doesn't expect is the searing lust she ignites inside him.

Katie Stewart has been swept back into medieval time and has adjusted the best way she knows how—by conning her way into enough coins to survive. She's content with her life until a big Scotsman walks into her cottage and seizes her heart, making her want more than just his gifts and the occasional romp. Katie wants him—forever.

Review: Emotional, erotic…exactly what I expected.

Ms Grey has come to stand out in my mind for her ability to craft and tell a story with ease that astounds me. Her characters jump off the pages and the situations and plot sing. This is not the first of her stories that I have read nor will it be the last.

The characters in this tale had a raw quality about them that just made the story resonate for me. A quality that I really enjoy when reading, especially a story this length. I am certain that this is a story that will stick with me and will be re-opened again in the future to be re-read.

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Sable Grey said...

Thank you so much for the review of Her Laird, Her Lover! I'm currently working on the second book in this series.

-Sable Grey

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