Who Would Have Thought? by Trenice Carter

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: CreateSpace
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Blurb: Friends since high school, Steve Kruz, Justin Brooks, and Alexander Moran settle in Blaine, MN.

Due to their captivating looks, tempting bank accounts, and no holds barred attitudes; the gorgeous male specimens were dubbed "The Men of Adonis" by the eager and, oh so willing, citizens of the metropolitan city with the small-town feel.

Dr. Steve Kruz, the constant mediator, finds that he needs the help of his "brothers" to capture and keep the woman who has finally stolen his heart.

Review: While not quite what I would have thought, this was a pretty good read :)

If you like a book with a lot going on (lots of characters) then this is a good one. There were a few times when I had issues keeping track of all the characters, but the story moved along well and the plot was interesting and kept me.

All in all an enjoyable read that I am glad I read. Thank you Ms Carter :)

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dagtlc said...

Thank you for the review. I will ensure my next title has fewer characters. :)
Again, thank you so much.
Trenice Carter
Author of Would Have Thought?

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