Submit With Me by Amber Skyze

Story: 5
Presentation: 7.5
Total: 12.5
Publisher: Ellora's cave
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: Rena is on a quest to get laid and she’s willing to go to any length to fulfill her need.

Marc has a thirst for a submissive. He longs to find someone he can bring to the edge of ecstasy and rein back in before an orgasm. He wants to tie, tease and torture his submissive, pushing the limits of sexual awareness.

When he offers Rena five hundred dollars to be his sub for the night, he gets more than he bargained for. This spitfire is about to show him a thing or two about submitting.

Review: Well, what can I say. I had really high hopes but they kinda got mushed.

What starts out hot, petered out and began to waver for me. Stranger sex....;) at least for now. I know, you are raising your brow going Huh? but if I tell it would spoil. While the end made the entire story make sense the journey it took to get there just didn't work for me.

I lost what little connection I had with the hero during his bout of aggression and felt basically nothing for the heroine from the start.  At the end I got the Ahhhh....but by then I just really didn't care very much.

This is not the first story that I have read by Ms Skyze and it won't be my last as I know what she can do. I will be on the prowl for more of her works but not based off of this story.

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