Ethereal Vixen by Molly Diamond

Story 8
Presentation 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Breathless Press
Erotic Paranormal
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Blurb: When Aaron discovers the weird chair carved with nude bodies in bizarre sexual positions he assumes it's just another unusual part of visiting McDennessee Castle. He meets a blonde bombshell tourist, and not believing his luck, takes her up on her offer to test drive the chair. However, a vixen unlike any he's ever encountered before has other designs.

Review: Wow, this story is hot! I melted with each seductive word. Hard, grab you by the eye…balls sex. The author has a nice style to her writing. A little edgy, a bit gritty. I liked it. The set up was nice and the middle was all sex. The ending was a little of a let down. Maybe just a little too easy. I would have liked a bit more explanation on who the woman was and a bit more on the chair since those are the two key elements besides Aaron. But as a whole the story works. It’s super short and well worth reading.

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