Date Night by Beth Wylde

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: eXcessica
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Blurb: Janet and Ben are enjoying a night out on the town and trying keep their raging libidos in check. But when a bit of foreplay gets too hot for them to handle, the pair make a quick pit stop so they can safely satisfy their lust. It's a hot adult encounter with a little surprise in the end.

Warnings: This title contains graphic sexual language, explicit sexual descriptions including oral sex.

Review: Hot, fast and sexy. This tidbit was just enough to really get the motor running and primed :) But not too much that the story/encounter lost momentum. Graphic in every detail ... and let me say there was LOTS of detail :)  Not a bad way to spend a few minutes and it left me with a smile in the end.

Ms Wylde, good job. I would read more bits like this one :)

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