Coach Me by Ann Jacobs

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Ellora's cave
Erotic Contemporary BDSM
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Blurb: Book 4 in the Gridiron Lovers series.

Master me, thinks Susan Anderson when she finally lays eyes on Colin Zanardi, former NFL MVP and now coach of the Savannah Rebels. He is only in town for a few days, but he’s the Dom she’s been dreaming of, yearning for. She just has to convince him to play with her, show him how submissive and obedient she is, and demonstrate just what she can do for that gorgeous body of his.

It’s been a long time since Colin has played with a true submissive. Susan is eager to be dominated. By him. He’s the perfect Master to tame her, and settling down this firecracker is a challenge Colin can’t resist. He can think of so many things he wants to use on her—a sex swing, a spiderweb, a roomful of sex toys.

He’ll play her scene—tie her, blindfold her, order her to pleasure him—for their mutual satisfaction. Colin is more than ready to turn this hometown party girl into his own private sex slave.

Review: Cute story. While I am not normally over the top about a story where the heroine...gets around, I understood in this case her need or at least why she felt the need.

She needed something. Needed to find a man who could give it to her. And how else are you going to find it unless you sample? Even though I thought the relationship developed a bit fast, it wasn't so over the top that it made me groan and roll my eyes.

Ms Jacobs did a good job building the characters and creating a vivid story that held my interest to the end.

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