A Player’s Agenda by Ambrielle Kirk

Story: 5
Presentation: 9
Total: 14
Publisher: Breathless Press
Contemporary Erotic Interracial Romance
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Blurb: Mariah has had to work hard for everything in life, and that includes her MBA in Accounting. She doesn’t have time for promiscuous sexy jocks with only one thing on their mind. She’d have to be content with daydreams about former football player Damien, whose nightly sexual conquests made the campus rumor mill. No one is more surprised than she, when Damien approaches her after class one day with a lust-filled agenda on his mind. Does Mariah have the right mix of bedroom moves to tame this player…forever?

Review: I liked the idea of a perceived player meeting his match. My problem with A Player’s Agenda was believability. I found Damien’s actions too abrasive for someone out to prove he wasn’t just a player. She is supposed to be not only his fantasy, but the story is written to make me think she’s special to him. The one. But he’s crass, aggressive and a bit juvenile. And she made it too easy for him. A quick fuck and then she’s the wounded victim. He behaved as she expected him to and her anger over it seemed a bit much. In fairness to the author, this is a very short story. Not a lot of time for building in the romance. Perhaps if they hadn’t been basically strangers to each other, I would have accepted the encounter a little easier.

However, the sex scene is detailed and hot. I loved the contrasts between Damien and Mariah. There was sassy dialog in places that made me smile. Ms. Kirk is a good writer, this particular story just didn’t work for me because the characters didn’t have time to develop so the romance between them didn’t come together. They just had hot sex.

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