Magnolia Heat by Keta Diablo

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Noble Romance
Erotic M/M Historical
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Blurb: North Carolina, 1876: Rumors abound about the dark, mysterious Dominic Beresford in Chapel Hill. Their curiosity piqued, their libidos functioning on overload, Craven and Anthony are intent on obtaining answers about the supposed licentious gatherings taking place every weekend.

When the duo are caught spying on Beresford Hall, their punishment will be swift and severe, and in Craven’s case, dispensed by none other than the stunning Lord of the Manor.

What begins as penance soon veers off to a session of feverish passion where the avenger becomes the pawn in his own game.

Review: The historical setting was vivid and I easily tumbled back in time. From the opening scene, Anthony and Craven come alive as characters. What I loved was that I expected these two to somehow end up together. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist and turns in the story. Magnolia Heat is a story driven by the characters and their emotions and their secret desires. I didn’t really focus on the underling motivation for Craven and Anthony to spy on the goings-on at Chapel Hill. I was complete captivated by the encounters between Dominic and Craven and Anthony’s sweet torture at the hands of Devon and Ryder. A great read for lovers of historical with intrigue and a touch of depravity. And also for those who love male romance because in the end, there is a sweet connection for two of these characters.

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Keta Diablo said...

Thank you so much Seriously Reviewed.

One reason I keep gravitating to your site -- the balanced, insightful reviews. They're never flowery and never snarky, just a well-written synopsis about why readers might like or not like. Straight talk from the heart.

High praise for Seriously Reviewed, one of my fave review sites on the Net,

Gracias, Keta

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