Indian Giver by Kris Klein

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Shadow Fire
Contemporary M/M
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Blurb: Gary finds overtime worthwhile when he's paired up with Raji, a charming young Indian intern.

Twenty-eight year old data entry pro Gary is a little bored with everything from his job to his life--which is why he readily agrees to work some Friday after-hours overtime, organizing and straightening up the large file room in preparation for the company's relocation. It's a big project, however, and Gary's boss understands that...which is why he's arranged for an intern from another floor to help Gary in his task.

The intern turns out to be Raji --a young, dark-skinned South Asian beauty that Gary had his eye on previously. As the two toil alone on the twenty-fifth floor of a downtown Houston high-rise, Gary finds himself checking out the face, manners and physique of the 23-year-old exotic Indian babe. Lust turns to something more when the simple act of straightening a collar leads Gary and Raji to some spontaneous combustion on the file room sofa--a sexual bond that, somewhere, manages to rope in the heart, too.

Review: Kris, you surprised me. This one was sweet. Okay sweet, for you. It’s still brilliantly naughty.

Gary is drowning in the doldrums of work. What he needs is someone to make the hours pass a little easier. The hot Asian from the twelfth floor is perfect. Raji was sweet and innocent. His inexperienced with men adds to his charm. I love how Gary let Raji set the pace of their encounter. I read Indian Giver while sitting in the sun, but the heat had everything to do with the sizzle on the page and not the temperature of the day. From the first flush of lust through the vividly described sex, Kris has a way of putting his readers in the room with his characters. In Indian Giver, Kris gives us a little something more. There is a promise of possibilities between Raji and Gary.

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