Hidden Magic by Ashlynn Monroe

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Sweet Fantasy Romance
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Blurb: Alexis is happy with her life and feels that it is ordinary, until a strange magician threatens her family and exposes her brother's secrets. Discovering nothing she believes about herself is true, she is confronted with a family secret that leaves her at the mercy of her brother's nemesis, the man who claims she belongs to him.

Hidden Magic is a tale of fairies, magic, and love.

Review: Hidden Magic was a dichotomy of reading experiences. There were parts that I loved and could not get enough of and other areas that I nearly put the story aside. And that would have been a shame since I would have missed the best parts of the book. The beginning is slow and most of what was there was a telling of back story and the mundane activities of Alexis’ daily life. But don’t give up, keep reading because when the story kicks in about a third of the way through, it’s exciting. Good vs perceived evil. Only the evil isn’t so evil at all just a difference of viewpoints between two powerful forces. The Fae and Humans are on the brink of war. A woman discovers her destiny and cant help falling in love with an enemy sworn to destroy her brother. Whew, this story has so much to offer if you trudge through the opening and get to the heart of Hidden Magic.

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JL Oiler said...

I really enjoyed this book (as well as the authors other works) it was a magical experience that I found enjoyable!!

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