Cinnamon Sticks: The Last Noel by Kris Klein

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Shadow Fire Publishing
m/m Contemporary
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Blurb: Christmas proves the time for miracles when lovelorn Ryan meets a beautiful, biracial 'Perfect Boy.'

We've all seen him in the club; the flawless young guy who knows how to dress, is full of confidence, and has the attention of every other man in the place. Lovelorn, battle-scarred ex-minor league baseball player Ryan spots his 'Perfect Boy' in a Chicago club one night, and for days after can't get the guy out of his mind (or the erection to go down in his pants). Feeling 'cursed' in love, thanks to a strange incident from his past, Ryan nevertheless feels drawn to giving it one last try, hoping for a Christmas miracle that will make him believe again, even as he begins trying to track down the hot, biracial 22-year-old club kid eleven years his junior... who just might be "the one."

Review: It was Christmas in July as I read The Last Noel. The story is fast and sexy and will make you smile as you read. The characters are charming and the dialog engaging and true to life.

Ryan would love to have someone special in his life, but he seems cursed to pine for Noels. Just in time for Christmas, he meets The Last Noel. Instant lust grabs Ryan by the chest‘nuts’. The beautiful stranger could certainly warm up any chilly evening. What is Ryan to do when Noel isn’t interested in conversation or casual hookups? Pursue with purpose (I’d rather not call it stalking because in this case I wanted Ryan to get his man. :) Noel is attractive and once Ryan meets him, I expected him to exude some of the arrogance that often comes with a beautiful package. But rather in unwrapping Noel, Ryan discovers a man with secrets and pure desires. If Ryan can show he’s interested in more than what is visible on the surface, Noel will give him a very special gift. If you wonder what that gift could be, you’ll need to read Cinnamon Stick: The Last Noel.

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