Caught by the Master by Cooper McKenzie

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Siren
Erotic Contemporary BDSM
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Blurb: Whitney Elliott is on the hunt for a front page story about sex slaves and slave auctions when she sneaks in the back door of Esoteria. Overdressed to be a sub and doesn’t have the attitude to be a Domme, she finds herself trapped in a world she’d only read about.

Taurus Green knows everything that goes on in his club and makes a point to meet every new guest within minutes of their arrival. He doesn’t know the cute little mouse wearing too many clothes and blushing at everything she sees. Could she be what he needs to cure his boredom with life?

After catching the mouse, he offers her an option, him or the police. What will Whitney choose? Arrest and humiliation? Or punishment from the Master who caught her?

Review: Hot DAMN!!!  Sweet!
Hot and dirty, this one was another winner for me. I have to say that reading this story was a true pleasure. Whitney is trying to make a name for herself in reporting and WOW has she got the scoop. But her choice isn't that easy when she sees what BDSM is all about. Taurus makes a really great, sexy Dom that as a woman, I loved to want and wanted to love.
Ms McKenzie has penned a story with a riveting plot, engaging characters and HOT sex.

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