Blackout by Michelle Houston

Story 7.5
Presentation 8.5
Total: 16
Publisher: Noble Romance
Contemporary M/M
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Blurb: It's hell being in love with someone who doesn't know you're alive. Or rather, who doesn't see you as anything more than an employee. Just when he worked up the nerve to give his notice, a blackout trapped Alec with his boss, leaving him to explain to Nicholas why he has to leave a job he loves -- because he loves his boss more. He had it all worked out, except for Nicholas' reaction.

Review: Blackout plays on two well-explored topics, power outage and workplace romance. But Ms. Houston has done it with a fresh voice and a vividly described setting. (Although I wish more detail had been given on the characters.) I totally fell for Alec from the moment he’s introduced. The longing he feels for his boss, Nicholas is emotional and deeply felt. I could feel the ache through the pages…and the fear. Ms. Houston has penned a titillating story that while short, delivers on emotion, characters, a plot and a resolution. And some hot male on male sex.

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