All Alone in the Night by Michelle Houston

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 7
Total: 14.5
Publisher: Phaze
Sci-fi futuristic ménage m/m, m/m/f BDSM
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Blurb: Riana had almost given up hope of ever finding her lost comrades, and friends, when the Earth-Space Initiative finally decided to send her on a fact finding mission, almost two years after Braden and Davin had gone missing. They figured it was finally safe.

They figured wrong.

Now Riana is stuck on a strange planet, lucky to be alive after being sucked into a wormhole. And she wasn’t the only one stranded there; she had found the missing pilots. With no way home, and only themselves to answer to, they had plans for her; plans several years in the making.

Review: Riana’s devotion to her best friends is the stuff of epic love stories. Only you get it in a tight little short story. In her quest to find Braden and Davin, she finds herself lost with them. With no hope of rescue, these three have to find a way to exist in a triad.

Ms. Houston does a great job of giving us their history without bogging down the story. It has a nice set up and nice middle with lots of scorching hot sex. I loved Riana waking up to Braden and Davin making love. Yum. The sexual tension was thick and heavy. And top it off with an ending that really couldn’t be anything but what it was. Of course I won’t spoil the story by telling you everything. If I have a complaint it’s in the BDSM aspects of the story. I thought they were a bit out of place. I definitely felt the roles. Braden being the Alpha male, taking care of Davin and Riana. Their long term attraction makes the connections believable, but Braden shifted a bit for me. Yes, he’s strong and protective and determined, but then he went into Dom mode and he lost a bit of his appeal.

Even with that slight issue for me, this is still a book you don’t want to put down. As for the lower score in presentation, the editing is fine. A presentation score of 7/8 is nearly perfect. The cover for me is beautiful, but I didn’t feel was a good reflection of the story.

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