Shotgun Rider by Maggie Casper

Story: 8
Presentations: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Historical BDSM
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Blurb: Living life as a man is not easy for Penny “P.J.” Parker. Nevertheless it’s much more freeing than being trussed up in layers of clothes and expected to act a certain way because she happened to be born a woman. Her life is in for a change though when Penny gets word from home that her mother has died. She decides to head back to Virginia City and take over her mother’s brothel, Penelope’s Pleasure Emporium. Problem is, when she gets there, she finds out her mother didn’t leave the family business to her alone.

Will Langtry, Jr.’s first thought, upon learning of Penny’s imminent homecoming, is to buy her out and run the brothel himself. He’s got no use for a woman when it comes to business matters. Will is used to being the boss and has no intention of changing anytime soon. But his first glimpse of Penny, seeing her in the flesh, has him rethinking his plans. All of a sudden he wants to keep the feisty beauty as close as possible.

Review: What better than to combine a few of my favorites. Historical and erotic. Throwing in the BDSM was like adding a cherry to the top. NICE!!!!!!!!

I couldn't stop reading. Just tore through it without stopping. PJ is used to doing what she wants when she wants. Will promised her mother he would watch out for her. Oh what a clash of will' pun intended...when there two lock horns and get to going at it.  But a great ride along the way for sure.

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