New Leather by Debra Varva

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: eXcessica
BDSM, Gay Male

Blurb: Bondage is not journalist Carl Guttuso's thing. He has no need to tie a man up or beat the crap out of him and call it sexy. No one is doing that to him either-or so he thought. During an interview, the charismatic BDSM Dom, James Pauly, asks Carl to be his submissive lover to learn about the lifestyle from within and Carl agrees to a six-week contract.

James has not been romantically involved since his last sub left when James refused to whip him beyond what was safe. In Carl, he sees a second chance to connect with a man who wants more than the pain James can give him. He recognizes the sexual interest in Carl's eyes and thinks the handsome young reporter will be perfect.

Carl is surprised by the desire he feels for a man who admits to subjugating his lovers, but the intensity of the games they play becomes addictive and Carl wants more much more. James, dismayed by yet another sub's demands for pain, refuses to be rushed. He hopes to keep Carl past their contract, but it may be all he can do to keep him for the six weeks.

For both men, the arrangement becomes a journey of self-discovery that could tear them apart in spite of their growing attraction.
Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sexual practices, anal sex, bondage, and whip play.

Review: Can you hear my heart pounding? A tremble has built in my belly and it’s all because of the addictive words on the pages of New Leather. I devoured the words, the emotions, the powerful of James and the needs of Carl. I didn’t cry while reading New Leather but I could cry writing this review. There is a bond between Carl and James from the very beginning but both have fears of revealing too much. Carl is eager to learn, eager to please, but doesn’t fully understand his role with James. James on the other hand understands his role perfectly. Only with Carl he wonders if he can maintain the control.

For those who love BDSM stories this is a must read. For those who, for whatever reason, haven’t sampled the dark decadence of something often misunderstood, this is a story to initiate you into the world. There is bondage, discipline, and yes, even a little pain.

And as for the sexual content of the story. My god, like Carl (because of the flogging, whipping, and spankings) the pages burned…they sizzled. I felt the heat, felt every delicious ache. I love the eroticism of sex between men. I loved the power with the passion. New Leather doesn’t disappoint on any level. I’m hooked and Ms. Varva has found a new fan.

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Henya said...

I have read this gifted writer for years, and I'm honored to say that I know her.

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