Marvin and the Three Bears by Tielle St. Clare

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Fantasy – multiple partners
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Blurb: When a novice Fairy Godmother accidentally drops some sexed-up Happily Ever After Fairy Dust on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Marvin—second-in-command in Fairy Tale Land—jumps in to save the tale.

Taking over for Goldilocks should be simple, right? All he has to do is eat the porridge, sit on the chair and sleep in the bed. And when the Three Bears return home, run screaming from the house.

But the Fairy Dust has changed things…including the Three Bears. They’ve turned human. Baby Bear is no baby. Mama Bear wears black leather and wields a wicked paddle. And Papa Bear? Oh my…he’s going to make sure Marvin pays for the damage he’s done, inch by luscious inch.

Review: A fairy tale for adults. Marvin and the Three Bears was a delightful read. I think what I liked the best was the distinctness of each character. The story could have been written without names and you’d still know who was speaking because their personalities were so unique. I though Lissa (mama bear) was hilarious. She was the disciplinarian and wielded her paddle with power and determination. Jeremy (baby bear) oozed mischief. There was a naughty innocence to his character. In a word charming. And Alex was the brooding papa bear. Strong, powerful, dominant. He’s hot and the romance elements of the story revolve around him and Goldilocks--Marvin. Marvin is quirky and yet understands the power of a fairy tale. Imagine his delight when he becomes the star. Marvin as Goldilocks, trying to rescue the story from an accidental dousing of sex was a clever twist to the classic tale. I also loved the m/m action. The sex scenes are hot and it was nice to see each encounter have a new spin. This is a story that I’ll tuck away on my keeper shelf to read again when I’m in the mood for a fun yet feisty tale.

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