Embrace The Moment by Mahalia Levey

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Phaze
Contemporary Light BDSM
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Blurb: Naval Aviator Lark Maddox works for the United States Coast Guard. Honor and Integrity are the morals she lives by, yet her heart has been stolen by one under her command.

Master Chief Survival Tech Acer Davidson doesn't believe in love or marriage and has forsworn making any permanent ties. When tragedy occurs, will he seize the opportunity of a lifetime or let the best thing in his life float away on the rippling tide.

Review: Normally I am not big on children in erotic books, however this story runs middle of the road on the Phaze heat meter. 3 Novas so even though the sex was hot and heavy, fully depicted and well done, the addition of a child at the end really didn't bother me. The baby played a very small part.

With that said are you ready for the review?

NICE!!!!!!! This well written story really tugged on my emotions and more than once I felt my stomach drop or swoop when the heroine was facing something difficult. *clapping* GREAT JOB!!!!

*SNAPS* Ms Levey on a job well done. Loved it :) can't wait for more :)


liana laverentz said...

Congratulations, Hales, on another great review!

Liana Laverentz

Hales said...

thanks Liana!

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