Binary Stars 4: Performance Review and Spank by D. Musgrave and Nona Wesley

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Phaze
Contemporary interracial erotic romance and contemporary BDSM erotic romance
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Blurb: Performance Review: Mark goes to work for a friend. It’s a mistake. He’s given an ultimatum that is doomed to fail. After the performance review, he catches the owner’s wife having sex with the shop foreman. With nothing left to lose, he takes advantage of the situation and teaches her a lesson.

Spank: For years, Colleen has yearned to know the stinging sensation of a disciplinary hand against her flesh. Tonight she gets her wish, but is she brave enough to submit to a true Dominant?

Review: Performance Review is not a romance, but a titillating story of just desserts. A little over the top, but that is what makes this story fun. Unrealistic expectations make Mark take the upper hand with the boss’s wife. While they are aroused during their encounter, and it’s a spanking scene that will make you flinch in a deliciously punished way, these two are not involved. It’s about getting what you deserve. For Mark, it’s the final act on an unworkable situation. I cheered him on.

In Spank we get a hot little office encounter. It’s erotic, short yet I got the whole story behind the story. The characters were fun and described well. The sexual situation was erotic. I enjoyed both of the stories equally and thought they were well matched together.

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