Too Good to Be True by Penelope Friday

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Contemporary

Blurb: Mandy thinks her love life, not to mention her sex life, is over for good when her husband leaves her—for an older woman. A chance encounter with a gorgeous man begins to change her mind. Scarcely daring to believe her luck when Jon asks her to meet him again, she agrees. One dizzyingly fantastic night of lust later, Mandy is in heaven.

But Jon has a secret. Has Mandy moved from a cheating husband to a man with an even more sinister past? Will she get the chance to explore the range of sexual possibilities Jon is introducing her to, or is her new life too good to be true?

Anglophiles ahoy! Too Good to Be True has enough British witticism to fill a Guinness factory. But this is no stiff-upper-lip affair!

Review: I confess, I’m torn on this story. How do you rate it when your feelings are mixed? First, I was disappointed in the Quickie sexual content. I have grown to expect a level of sexual contact, curl your toes, feel it along with the characters sex with an EC Quickie (that’s why I love Quickies), and sadly this story doesn’t deliver on that. However, the sex that is there is perfect for the growth of the characters. I enjoyed the first person point of view, but there was numerous flash forwards that then spoiled the unfurling of the story. I felt like I was reading the story twice. First telling me what he did and then writing the scene and many times skimming over the sex. Had I not been expecting an erotic EC Quickie, then I think I would have scored the book slightly higher, because the plot of the story is fabulous. Great conflict, tension, and great character growth. Jon is freakin’ hot and the author has a wicked sense of humor. So yes, this is a good story, no it isn’t full of yummy sex like typical Ellora’s Cave Quickies. Yes, the author is talented in describing scenes, but repeating segments and then passing over or barely elaborating other areas weighed the story down and left me wanting.

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