Rough Edges by Ashlynn Pearce

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: Jake Korte is emotionally broken. Angry. Hurt. Worthless. Fearing that he will become the abuser his father was, the last thing he needs is a woman in his life. He feels like a virtual time bomb just waiting for the internal explosion. So when tiny Rebecca Saylor “chats” her way into his life and then crawls under his skin, panic descends. He can’t seem to stay away, but is terrified to be with her.

After surviving an abusive marriage, Becca isn’t looking for love, only safety. But through her research for her column “Chat Addiction”, she meets Jake, who is anything but safe. He’s the one man who can make her feel alive again. But can she overcome her own fears to claw her way into the heart of a man so fractured?

Review: I don’t think I can write a review to do this amazing story justice. The characters had depth and flaws, insecurities, and wants. The plot was well crafted, thought out and executed with brilliant flow to the writing. The sex was hot but was so much more than hardons and wet aching centers that are typical with erotic writing. Oye, it was sexy, but breathlessly sexy. At times, the sex was rushed and raw and at other times, emotionally poignant. The story could have gone on for another hundred pages and I would have devoured every word. Jake is the quintessential hero. He’s strong, attractive, primal and sexy, but he doesn’t know it. He questions how a woman like Becca could want a damaged man and yet he wants to heal her emotional scars. It was just a gritty story wrought with realism. The characters are unforgettable and this goes down as the best book I’ve read in a long time.


Cecile said...

Thank you for the absolutely wonderful review of Ms. Ashlynn's book! She is a phenomenal writer and this book is just breathtaking!!!!

I am glad to see another person loving like I do!!!!
Jake and Becca's character could not have been more real!! Ms Ashlynn penned them so well, I could swear I know these people. The emotion that came from just this story took my breath away. It was amazing!

MJPappano said...

I read a brief passage of this book while Ashlynn was still writing it and couldn't wait for her to finish and sell it so I could read the rest! (And everyone else could, too!) I judge a lot of contests, and this is definitely one of the very best first books I've ever read! Ashlynn is one talented girl!

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