A Dangerous Game by Ashley Blade

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 15.5
Publisher: Eirelander Publishing

Blurb: All games are fun until someone gets hurt.

Suzy has sworn off love. Trace is in the same boat. Rather than take a chance on the pesky emotion that has always led them to heartbreak, the duo is going to give into their carnal desires. This non-exclusive relationship comes with a caveat. A woman Trace has slept with before is intent on winning him for herself.

It'll take all Suzy's personal fortitude to survive this dangerous game.

Note: This story contains explicit sexual content and FFM menage.


Ms Blade has spun a wicked little tale that will keep you hopping and guessing. The ending was not what I expected but interesting none the least. The sex was pretty hot. The characters likeable...well, except for the one you're not supposed to like LOL.

With this being the first story from this author that I have ever read I have to say that I am looking forward to more of her work in the future :)


Ashley said...

OMG! Thank you sooo much! This has made my night. I am so happy you liked it and wow. I am speachless.

Thanks again!

Ashley Blade

Jan Summer said...

wtg Ash! that's great!

Ashley said...

Thank you Jan!

Charisma Knight said...

Wahoo! Awesome review Ash! Congrats to you and Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy said...

Great review, Ash. I hope you have lots of sales.

Ashley said...

Thanks guys!!! Happy mothers Day to you too Charisma!!! I hope I sell a million Sandy. Is it a little high, sure but I gotta aim for something huh LOL.


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