Binary 2: Foreign Relations and Perfect Strangers by Jack Greene

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Phaze
Contemporary M/M erotic
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Blurb: In Perfect Stranger, Robert comes to Jordan's rescue in a mall parking lot then ravishes him in a department store changing room. It's lust at first sight.

In Foreign Relations, Jesse gets some extra credit from a hot Swedish grad student. They have their own international incident right in the Laundromat.

Review: Foreign Relations and Perfect Strangers had a similar flavor. The writing is fun, flirty, and the sex is hot.

In Perfect Strangers, I loved the happenstance way Jordan and Robert meet. Like a bad movie, Jordan is at the receiving end of a bully, and like a hero, Robert steps in to protect the weaker man. It was chivalrous and wonderful. Then the lusty encounter becomes perfectly naughty. This story was adventurous and fun and a pleasure to read.

In Foreign Relations, the tone is less flirty and more emotional. I think because there is implied history between Jesse and Eric. No, they don’t know each other, but they’ve been ogling each other in class. So when the opportunity for a little (okay so a lot of) hot public sex arises, they take it. Or Rather I should say Eric takes Jesse and it’s hot!

I found Binary Stars Vol 2 just as enjoyable as the first installment. Jack Greene has written hot sex in interesting locations. I enjoyed the contrast in the men. While both stories are similar in feel and execution, it is what makes them a nice compliment to each other.

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